CFA Institute Career Center Frequently Asked Questions

View the Job Seeker User Manual here


Who has access to the Career Center?

The general public is able to see job listings and career content available on the Career Center.

In order to complete transactions, including creating or managing a profile, saving jobs, setting up job alerts, or applying for jobs, you must be a CFA Institute member, CFA Program or CIPM Program candidate, or pending award of the CFA charter. You must use your credentials to log in.

If you are having trouble logging in using those credentials, you can contact the CFA Institute Global Contact Center for help.


How can I find out more information about a job posting or the status of my job application?

The CFA Institute Career Center is a job board that employers can use to promote their open positions to the CFA Institute community. CFA Institute in no way acts as an intermediary in the hiring process. Any questions about the job posting or status of your application should be directed to the employer.


Can employers see my profile?

Profile visibility is a setting that can be adjusted in your user profile. Under the ‘Who can view your profile?’ heading, you can choose whether or not to allow employers to see your profile and attached resume. You can also exclude specific employers from seeing your profile.

Note: Only employers who have an active job posting on the CFA Institute Career Center can see job seeker profiles and resumes.

(Reference: Career Center Job Seeker User Manual; Manage Your Profile- pg. 4)


Can I make my profile visible to employers but not to my current employer?

See “Can employers see my profile?


How can I update my resume?

When you created your profile, you had an opportunity to upload a resume. Your resume cannot be edited within the system, but you can replace the resume on file with a new version. This is done by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to your name, clicking ‘Your profile’ and clicking the ‘Change Resume’ button at the top of the page.


Can I save a list of jobs I’m interested in?

Yes. When viewing a job listing, the job can be saved to your shortlist by clicking ‘Save’ at the top of the listing. When a job has been saved to your shortlist, the star next to ‘Save’ will be blue. To view the shortlist of jobs, you should click the dropdown arrow next to your name, and click ‘Your jobs’.

(Reference: Career Center Job Seeker User Manual; Save Jobs to Shortlist- pg. 11)


How do I access my saved jobs?

See “Can I save a list of jobs I’m interested in?”


Can I set up job alerts?

Yes. To set up a job alert, you click ‘Job Alerts’ in the menu bar on the homepage. Use the filters provided to specify your job criteria. To save the alert, click ‘Email me jobs like this’.

(Reference: Career Center Job Seeker User Manual; Create Job Alerts- pg. 12)


How do I modify or delete my job alerts?

Yes. You can edit or delete your job alerts by clicking the dropdown next to your name, and clicking ‘Your jobs’. Each alert created will be listed under ‘Job alerts’ with options to preview, edit, or delete to the right of the alert.

(Reference: Career Center Job Seeker User Manual; Create Job Alerts- pg. 14)


I stopped receiving my job alerts; can I turn them back on?

Yes, they can be turned back on, but it isn’t something you can do yourself. If you are no longer receiving your job alerts, send an email to and we will reactivate them for you.


Can I delete my profile?

Yes, you are able to delete their own profile. To delete your profile, click the dropdown next to their name, and click ‘Your profile’. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Delete profile’, and confirm by clicking ‘Delete’ in the pop-up message. In order to finalize the deletion, you need to look for an email (the email address associated with your CFA Institute account), and click the link provided in the email.

If you are having trouble deleting your profile, send an email to and we will assist you.

(Reference: Career Center Job Seeker User Manual; Delete Account- pg. 6)