Investment Officer

Boston, Massachusetts (US)
Based on experiance
16 Dec 2018
15 Jan 2019
Employment Type
Full Time


Under general supervision of the Chairman of the Investment Committee and the Chief Investment Officer, the Investment Officer will help oversee HTC’s investment research and assist account managers in developing and maintaining investment portfolios encompassing a full range of asset classes, act as a resource for trustees on investment matters and assist account managers in carrying out their investment responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee HTC’s core investment strategy of investing in high quality stocks and bonds and ensure HTC is receiving the best advice from its investment advisors.
  2. Recommend and oversee complementary strategies to core investments. This will  consist of outside asset managers, mutual funds and ETFs covering a range of asset classes including:  United States equities, large and small capitalization, developed market equities, emerging market equities, fixed income, both municipal and corporate, alternative assets including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate and commodities. Report to the Investment Committee on findings and recommendations on a regular basis. 
  3. Conduct due diligence on outside investment managers and advisors. 
  4. Provide research on holdings outside the approved list. 
  5. Assist in the firm’s annual investment review process of accounts to ensure they are managed in accordance to the Investment Policy Statements (IPS) and the firm’s Policy and Procedures.
  6. When necessary, work with account managers to develop investment programs customized for individual trust accounts.
  7. Work with account managers to develop proposals for prospective new clients and, upon request, be available to assist in client meetings.
  8. In conjunction with a third party administrator, prepare documentation for and attend all Investment Review and Investment Committee meetings.  Ensure proper documentation of decisions made at such meetings.
  9. Perform initial review of new account assets recommended to be accepted by the Company.  Report to the Investment Committee on suitability of assets in account.

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. CFA Charter and/or MBA.
  2. Seven to ten years experience in identifying, conducting due diligence on and working with outside managers/advisors in a number of the asset categories identified above.
  3. Substantial experience analyzing individual stocks, with a solid understanding of portfolio construction (individual stocks and multi-asset class)
  4. Ability to demonstrate impeccable integrity in personal financial matters.