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Arizona State Retirement System

3300 N Central Ave

For more than a half-century, the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) has provided retirement, health insurance and long term disability benefits to employees of the state, counties, municipalities, universities, community colleges, school districts and other political entities. We are a top performing benefit plan administrator with a solid reputation and sustainable plan design. Our organizational culture is based on the following principles; Professionalism, Results, Improvement, Diversity and Excellence. We believe in delivering service with PRIDE. 

The ASRS Investment Division is led by Michael Viteri, Chief Investment Officer, and manages the daily investment of approximately $50 billion in assets held in a diversified investment portfolio of cash, fixed income, domestic and international equities, real estate, private equity and private credit. The ASRS Investment Division, currently comprised of 10 individuals, is responsible for managing the investments of the ASRS pension plan, Long Term Disability plan, and Health Benefits plan. Codified through the ASRS Investment Beliefs, the ASRS Investment Division oversees the actual investments, which are managed by a select group of investment managers, as well as providing internal portfolio management capabilities for select asset class mandates.

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