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About Ceres, Inc.

Ceres is a national coalition of investors, public pension trustees, foundations, labor unions, and environmental, religious and public interest groups, dedicated to advancing more sustainable business practices and corporate accountability. Ceres' mission is to move businesses, capital, and markets to advance lasting prosperity by valuing the health of the planet and its people. Ceres plays a unique role in the national environmental and sustainability movement by bringing the perspective and power of investors to environmental and sustainability issues and specifically to the performance, practices and policies of corporations. Today Ceres is a growing organization with expanding influence in the investment, environmental, and corporate arenas. Our program activities seek to foster greater public disclosure of environmental and social impacts by corporations, encourage engagement between companies and their stakeholders, and create opportunities for collaborative dialogue leading to positive change on key sustainability issues. For more information about Ceres, please visit our web site (www.ceres.org). Ceres’ Investor Programs works with investors worldwide to improve corporate and public policies on climate change and other environmental, social, and corporate governance issues. We work for a world where the capital markets advance the health of the planet and its people. Our mission is to improve the functioning of these markets so that the future is livable, safe and just for everyone. Our vision for achieving a sustainable global economy is Ceres 20•20. The plan has four pillars, each with specific ambitious goals: We need honest accounting that abolishes the folly of free pollution. We need higher standards of business leadership. We need bold solutions that accelerate green innovation. We need smart new policies that reward sustainability performance.

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