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Money Management India

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501 Hamam House, Hamam Street

The MMI site aims to be a –

Network – to share, discuss and debate

Positioning somewhere in between a journal and a magazine, MMI aims to be a B2B i.e. trade publication for the Indian asset and wealth management industry. We focus on investment strategies and ideas with a medium to long term market horizon.

We will be scouring mainstream and social media, as well as journals to seek out thought leadership content.

We invite selected industry professionals to participate through –
• experts sharing knowledge, opinions and battle scars through short articles, videos, presentations etc. Kind of like Medium.
• members commenting on others’ content, starting a discussion thread and attending events. Kind of like Twitter.

Marketplace – to find B2B clients and providers

The Directory and Members sections will list firms and individuals respectively. At this stage, both are free.

Research portal – for funds

The Dossiers collate publicly available information about funds – Mutual Funds (MFs), Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). Budding and experienced analysts contribute questions investors should be asking.

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