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Working Virtually

Published on: Jul 22, 2020

Virtual work can be both rewarding and challenging. Check out our curated resources to address common challenges and ways to create unique opportunities. Email us with your challenges, helpful resources, best practices and more at


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3 Ways To Impress Your Boss While Working Remotely During The Coronavirus Outbreak
You can still make an impact and demonstrate your leadership when working from home with these three great tips. 

3 Ways To Make Your Working From Home Routine More Sustainable
With many companies planning to maintain working from home for the foreseeable future, here are some tips to ensure your work from home plans remain healthy and effective.

4 Steps for Successful Home Working
This article offers top tips for achieving balance when working from home.

12 Game-Changing Zoom Hacks For Work Meetings And Virtual Happy Hours 
Conduct smoother video conferences with these tips from work-from-home veterans.

Adapting to Remote Work 
Staying productive, connected and motivated when working remotely can require some adaptation and the creation of a new set of processes and rituals within your routine, workspace and communication practices. This freely available online course from CrossKnowledge is designed to support you in creating your own rituals, processes and strategies to get the most out of remote working. 

CFA Society Stamford's "Frank Talk" Podcast Series 
CFA Society Stamford Board Member and Programming Chair, Frank Travers, CFA hosts timely conversations on business and investing with industry leaders. Explore the series to find coronavirus-related episodes, including Working from home - without losing your sanity 

Countering Coronavirus through Inclusive Culture 
When business continuity plans kick in, as they have in the current COVID-19 crisis environment, what happens to diversity and inclusion efforts at investment organizations? Do they fall away as nice-to-haves or are they seen as contributing to a cultural edge of resiliency?

COVID-19: Working from home, how to manage the new reality 
Top tips from City CV on navigating the new landscape of working from home during a state of uncertainty.

Dress for the (Remote) Job You Want
Do the same norms around appearance apply for virtual meetings? Findings from a recent survey provide practical tips for attire and background settings.

Encouraging a Culture of Written Communication
Written communication can be the glue in making remote work successful. This article offers helpful advice on how to cultivate this type of culture in a virtual setting.

Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk
A helpful video from ergonomics expert Jon Cinkay on how to make your deck and office chair adapt to you and not the other way around. 

A Guide for Working (From Home) Parents 
Three steps to help you bring your old routine into your new normal.

How to Elevate Your Presence in a Virtual Meeting 
Elevating both your point and your presence in a Zoom, Skype, or similar virtual meeting, requires not only engaging in video conference-friendly tactics but also disabusing yourself of potentially detrimental misconceptions about the medium. To help keep your impact actual when your presence is virtual, follows these six recommendations from Harvard Business Review. 

How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings
Practical advice on how to engage participants and have better outcomes from your virtual meetings. 

How to Host a Virtual Networking Event
Hosting your own virtual networking events can enhance your network, your reputation, and your ability to continue to build business relationships.

How To Tell Your Boss You Have Zoom Fatigue
Video calls have become the new norm but may not be best for how you work and stay effective. This article offers four practical ways you can discuss video call fatigue with your manager.

How to Work From Home for The First Time: 9 Essential Tips for Success 
Tips to set yourself up for success when working from home is a new experience.

If You Suddenly Work Remotely, Communication Matters More Than Anything Else 
Making sure your colleagues feel seen and heard is what you need to prioritize if you're working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Starting a New Job - Remotely
While it's never easy to acclimate to a new job, it can be particularly difficult when you can't physically be in the office. This article contains great tips on how you can best manage onboarding in the current climate.

The Key to Building a Successful Remote Organization? Data.
While data will never be a substitute for social interactions or company culture, it can offer something just as important for global, distributed and virtual organizations - a common language for transformation.

Leading a Remote Team 
Effectively leading a remote team requires a shift in mindset, along with establishing high levels of trust, effective communication practices and the ability to motivate and support team members from a distance. This freely available online course from CrossKnowledge is designed to equip you with both the mindset and tools to lead your remote team successfully. 

Making Virtual Meetings Work
While it can be challenging to stay focused and avoid multi-tasking, applying certain techniques can transform virtual meetings into productive and positive experiences. In this webcast, learn proven best practices and hear practical examples that can help you run more effective virtual team and client meetings.

New Work-Life Reality Raises Equity and Inclusion Concerns, Says Stanford Sociologist
Challenges may be even greater for women with work, school and family life all taking place in our homes. Employers should look closely at their performance metrics and evaluation criteria to ensure that biases in performance evaluation aren't exacerbated by this virtual environment.

Remote Work and Cybersecurity: Coronavirus Impact
This SmartBrief blog post summarizes the latest trends in cybersecurity for remote workers and discusses why the COVID-19 pandemic might make data breaches worse. 

Social Isolation and the Coronavirus: 8 Surprising Reasons You'll be Thrilled to get Back to Your Office
Work is fundamentally social and new research points to social isolation as a key issue many remote workers are experiencing now. 

Stay Motivated When Feedback Is Scarce
A downside of remote working is that you may receive less feedback than you would normally in an office environment. The lack of regular feedback can undermine our self-confidence and security. This article offers practical advice on how to deal with this.

Stop Zoning Out in Zoom Meetings
This article offers five strategies to help you listen more effectively, give more to and get more from virtual meetings.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Meetings in 2020
A comprehensive guide to managing remote meetings with tips ranging from choosing the right tools to setting an agenda and meeting guidelines, etiquette, keeping the team engaged, and meeting follow-ups.

Virtual Communication Can Be Tricky. What Happens When Every Part of Your Life Depends on It? 
Unrealistic expectations about our ability to move both our professional and personal lives under one roof are creating extreme stress for families. Managing the way we address our social presence as we adjust to a more virtual world is critical. Fast Company offers four tips to navigate this new environment.

Virtual Meetings Don’t Have to Be a Bore
Those of us who present, facilitate, and teach for a living understand the importance of developing a personal connection with an audience. Find tips for embracing the differences and making the most of virtual meetings.

Why We Should Make a Virtual Workforce Our "New" Normal
No matter how fast we recover from the COVID-19 crisis, remote work should be part of the future.

Your COVID-19 Internet Problems Might be COVID-19 Wi-Fi Problems
If your remote work experience isn't optimal, your Wi-Fi might be the culprit. Tech writer Jim Salter offers tips to solve your troubles. 

'Zoom Fatigue' Is Taxing the Brain. Here's Why That Happens.
Video calls seemed like an elegant and easy solution for remote work, but they wear on the psyche in complicated ways. 

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