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Productivity and Time Management

Published on: Jul 22, 2020

Effectively managing time and resources is an issue most of us face at some point during our lives. Check out our curated resources to help you optimize your time and energy. Email us with your challenges, helpful resources, best practices and more at


Productivity and Time Management reduced


10 Time Tracking Apps to Help Freelancers Maximize Productivity and Profitability
Whether you're freelancing and trying to increase your billable hours or simply want to improve your daily efficiency and task or project management, this article reviews a variety of helpful apps.

11 Time Management Tips That Work
Feeling overwhelmed  and disorganized? Use these tips to power up and become more productive. 

30 Excel Shortcuts in 12 Minutes
This free online video offers a tour of over 30 popular Excel shortcuts based on a survey of more than 800 Excel users.

50 Fun Things to Do When You're Bored
Taking breaks can help increase your resiliency and make you more effective and productive in your work. This article offers a plethora of creative things you can do to take a break, even in quarantine.

100+ Resources for Optimizing Your Productivity and Performance
Chris Sparks shares his favorite products, programs, apps and services in this helpful blog post.

Best Practices for Professional Email Etiquette in Every Situation 
Since most people are being inundated with emails every day, you want to do everything you can to ensure that the emails you send get read. Writing well makes a difference so read on for professional email etiquette tips that will increase the odds of your emails being read rather than trashed. 

Beyond the Inbox: Rules for Reducing Email
The sudden shift to remote work can push knowledge workers into a state of "inbox capture". The key to spending less time in your inbox is not to just check it less often. Cal Newport offers three rules that can help you move work out of your inbox and into other systems that can help you become more efficient. 

Don't Let Perfection Be the Enemy of Productivity
Being productive isn't about getting more things done but rather about what you get done and how you prioritize your most important tasks without letting aspects of perfectionism get in the way. 

Forget Time Management - Attention Management Is the Better Path to Productivity
Rethink the way you approach your to-do list with these helpful tips.

How to Be Productive While Working From Home
As offices and businesses around the world have closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, more people have started working from home. If you’re used to the structure of an office environment, working from home can be tough to manage, especially in these stressful and challenging times. Forté has worked from a virtual office since it launched in 2004. Read their article for great advice to ensure you stay productive while working from home. 

How to Evolve From Managing Time to Managing Energy
Why do some people seem to accomplish more in 24 hours than other people might in a week or more? Susan Fowler explains how using a practical grid system can help you better manage your energy and become more productive overall. 

How to Rearrange Your Homescreen Apps for a Better, Less Stressful Life
Wired writer, Maria Mellor, offers simple phone homescreen hacks that can boost your productivity. 

How to Work from Home and Actually Get Sh*t Done
Whether you're self-isolating because of coronavirus or working from home due to social-distancing measures, here's how to make your day as productive as possible.

Kobe Bryant's 2 Psychological Keys to Success
Having a short memory makes you emotionally bulletproof and can make you more successful.

The Observer Effect Interview with Marc Andreessen
Marc Andreessen, an influential figure in the history of the internet, has a conversation with The Observer Effect on how he spends his time, sets goals for himself, how he reads so much and what keeps him so plugged in after so many years in the business.

The Secret Power of Checklists
Checklists offer a simple way to bring order to chaos, reduce stress and set you up for success.

Seth Godin Hates Being Organized
Being productive and being organized are not always the same thing. Dan Shipper of Superorganizers interviews Seth Godin to learn his take on this and other topics. 

Six Strategies for Increasing Productivity 
There are no quick fixes, but if we observe our behaviour, increase our self-awareness and put in the effort, it is possible to achieve significant improvement over time.

Speed Reading Course
Free online course that teaches techniques that can double or triple how quickly you read, strengthen your concentration and improve your comprehension. 

Three Things To Stop Doing This Week
Scott Eblin offers advice on how to rethink your daily work activities and stop doing things that are unproductive or draining. 

We Work Harder When We Know Someone's Watching
Working from home forces us to contend with a variety of distractions that can make sustaining motivation difficult. This article offers some practical steps that remote workers can take to harness the motivating influence of observation.

When Your Employees Are Remote, You Have to Stop the Body-In-Seat Mentality
When people get interrupted frequently, there's only a 44% chance that they'll leave feeling like "today was a really successful day." By contrast, when people can block out interruptions at work, there's a 67% chance they'll leave feeling like "today was a really successful day." Time chunking can help and involves intentionally carving out pieces of the day when you can disconnect from email or other distractors and focus on performing work that requires deep thinking. 

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