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Published on: Jul 22, 2020

CPS Blue [square]Creating a professional CV and covering letter can be tricky, especially if you have limited work experience. You’ll need to learn how to target your CV and covering letter to the company and job that you’re applying for. Your degree will have taught you a host of subject-specific, transferable skills. But selling them to employers is vital in a competitive job market. Take a look at our advice on crafting and creating a compelling CV perfect for the finance industry.

It’s not only what you know that helps you in the job market, but who you know. Advertised jobs are just the start of the available opportunities and you will need to be comfortable approaching people to discuss job opportunities. This may seem daunting at first but ‘soft skills’ (including communication and presentation skills) can be learned and developed. The investment industry is a people-based sector and professional networking has always been important for career progression. Meeting more people = more opportunities to find jobs, but socializing can also be fun and a motivating feature of finance careers. CFA Institute and CFA Society membership open doors to networking throughout the investment profession globally. 

Your LinkedIn profile is a valuable resource for students to start your professional presence online. It is a way to develop your own personal brand and stay aware of career opportunities. Having an account as a student shows that you are dedicated to pursuing a career. Connecting with other students may not seem relevant at the time, but you do not know when your paths may cross some years down the line. Use our advanced writing strategies to build and develop your LinkedIn profile.


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Advanced Writing Strategies for Your LinkedIn Profile WEBCAST | 1 HOUR

For many professionals, your LinkedIn profile is the backbone of your professional presence online making the summary section its heartbeat. A well-considered and well-written summary is essential to ensure your profile’s viewers have the right information on which to hinge their understanding of you. You want your summary to give viewers something from which to springboard into the rest of your profile and something to inspire them to engage with you and learn more.

Social Media Platforms beyond LinkedIn  AUDIO | 30 MINUTES

Miriam Salpeter, job search and social media coach, offers insights into which social media platforms other than LinkedIn can be useful for finance professionals interested in managing their personal brand and staying aware of career opportunities. She also provides tips for how to use these platforms and how to approach social media platforms in general.



The Perfect Financial Services CV VIDEO

  • Your CV/resume is your future. Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to take your career
  • It’s marketing: What’s your brand? What’s your pitch? Get ready for action.
  • Artificial intelligence and the ATS: 80% of jobs advertised online could be screened by a computer. Beat the bots to ensure you get over the first hurdle.
  • Tell a story, start with a bang, and provide just the right amount of context to hook your audience—show don’t tell.

Positioning Yourself with Resumes and Social Media VIDEO

In this brief interview, Jared Redick, an executive résumé writer and career transition coach, provides practical advice for professionals on crafting résumés and social media profiles.

Crafting Compelling CVs and Resumes VIDEO

Eleanor Anderson discusses her best advice for developing a compelling CV/resume, positioning career breaks and interim roles, and creating a cover letter in today's market.

Improving Your Finance CV VIDEO

Hong Kong based professional CV writer, Godfrey Oyeniran, discusses what comprises a good finance CV, explains what tailoring a CV entails, and identifies the pros and cons of hiring a professional writer to write your CV.

Formulas for a Successful Resume AUDIO

Jared Redick, executive résumé writer for the Résumé Studio, shares insights, tips, and formulas for crafting powerful résumés.



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